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 Rules of Conduct

Paralegal Regulation Confidentiality Conflicts of Interest Competence & Negligence
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UPL UPL/Misrepresentation Attorney/Client Privilege Advertising/Solicitation Client Trust Accounts
Title 4, Section 807 . Extensive discussion of A/C and Work Product privileges, State of Maine v. U.S. Dept. of Interior, 298 F.3d 60 (2002)

Counsel's inadvertent disclosure of a memorandum to opposing counsel, which summarized a telephone conference between counsel and his client, did not constitute a waiver of the attorney-client privilege, where the document was mistakenly placed in boxes of unprivileged documents that were available to opposing counsel to photocopy and the memorandum in question was labeled "confidential and legally privileged." Corey v. Norman, Hanson & DeTroy, 742 A.2d 933, 1999 ME 196 (Me. 1999).

Law firm takes heat for partner's theft

Search "Verrill Dana" and "Ellie Rommel" for articles about a secretary who reported a lawyer for theft from clients

Or search "John D. Duncan" and "Maine bar"

Fair Fees Paralegal Fees Intimate Relations with Clients Drug/Alcohol Abuse Pro Bono



Richlin v. Chertoff 2008 US Supreme Court recovery of paralegal fees . me-lap.org vlp.org
Special Duties of the Prosecutor Overly Zealous Conduct Misc.


Reporting Misconduct .
. . Attorney's lien; Libner v. Maine County Commissioners' Assn., 2004 ME 39 (Me. 3/26/2004)




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