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 Rules of Conduct

Paralegal Regulation
Conflicts of Interest
Competence & Negligence


For the rules of conduct, search:

gabar + rules of professional conduct

See the Georgia Bar's Advisory Opinion 21: Guidelines for Attorneys Using Paralegals

Rule 1.6

There is also a sample confidentiality statement for employees

1.7 etc.

See Formal Advisory Opinion No. 05-11 for the issue of conflicts and insurance companies.

The State Bar of Georgia has an extensive list of sample office practices forms, including a checklist form for professional negligence.

A malpractice self-audit form is available through the bar.

Attorney/Client Privilege
Client Trust Accounts
The State Bar of Georgia has an Unauthorized Practice of Law Department. By visiting this website, you can find the definition of UPL (OCGA 15-19-50) and lots of other information on this subject. The website is very complete!
O.C.G.A. §§24-9-21, 24-9-24 and 24-9-25. Tenet Healthcare Corp. v. Louisiana Forum Corp., 273 Ga. 206, 209-10 (2000).
Fair Fees
Paralegal Fees
Intimate Relations with Clients
Drug/Alcohol Abuse
Pro Bono

See Lawyer's Creed and Aspirational Statement of Professionalism

Attorney (in-house counsel) disbarred for charging his corporation as a client. In the Matter of Michael Ditano (2013)

In re Lewis, 415 S.E.2d 173, 174-75 (Ga. 1992). The attorney maintained that he was involved sexually with the client three years prior to representing her in divorce and custody matter. The court held that whether the relationship was pre-existing is immaterial.

Georgia has considered criminalizing sexual relations with clients for lawyers as is already the case for doctors and other professionals.


Lawyer Assistance Program + State Bar of Georgia


pro bono project + State Bar of Georgia

Special Duties of the Prosecutor
Overly Zealous Conduct


Reporting Misconduct

Lawyer disbarred for bringing tobacco into the jail for his client. In the Matter of Sidney Joe Jones (2013)