Paralegal Regulation


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Rules of Conduct

Paralegal Regulation Confidentiality Conflicts of Interest Competence & Negligence

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Anderson + "not a lawyer" + Connecticut

for an interesting article (or two) on a paralegal who successfully pretended to be a lawyer



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Connecticut Ethics Opin. 90-27 (1990) . .
UPL UPL/Misrepresentation Attorney/Client Privilege Advertising/Solicitation Client Trust Accounts
. . Bad Faith exception to A/C privilege; Hutchinson v. Farm Family Casualty Ins. Co., 273 Conn. 33, 867 A.2d 1 (Conn. March 1, 2005)

 Advertising rules

New Rules
Fair Fees Paralegal Fees Intimate Relations with Clients Drug/Alcohol Abuse Pro Bono
. Richlin v. Chertoff 2008 US Supreme Court recovery of paralegal fees . .


connecticut pro bono network

for opportunities to volunteer in Connecticut

Special Duties of the Prosecutor Overly Zealous Conduct Misc.


Reporting Misconduct .

Spoliation of evidence, Rizzuto v. Davidson Ladders, Inc., 280 Conn. 225, 905 A.2d 1165 

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