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Rules of Conduct Paralegal Regulation Confidentiality Conflicts of Interest Competence & Negligence

Find the Rules and ethics opinions here.

Also look for the "Alabama State Bar Code of Professional Courtesy" on the State Bar website

Alabama Code Section 6-5-572 includes legal assistants and paralegals in its definition of a legal service provider, which is anyone “engaged in the practice of law.”

If you run a search like this:

"paralegal regulation" + Alabama you will get the pdf results from the national paralegal associations. If you want to eliminate those pdf files in your search, put -pdf at the end of your search:

"paralegal regulation" + Alabama -pdf

Now you will get some articles in magazines, etc. The paralegal association of Alabama changed its name in 2003 from Alabama Association of Legal Assistants to Alabama Association of Paralegals, Inc. (AAPi) Go to their website and join, join, join! Annual Meetings in October. The association also offers scholarships.

Rule 1.6


Alabama + "Rule 1.6"

be sure to use the quotation marks.

Rule 1.7


"Alabama Bar" + "Rule 1.7"

This search will give you some State Bar Opinions on this issue.


Rule 1.1


Alabama + "case within a case"

Your results will help you understand the standard the plaintiff must prove in an attorney malpractice case

UPL Attorney/Client Privilege Advertising/Solicitation Client Trust Accounts Fair Fees

State Bar has a UPL committee

Evidence Rule 502

Juanita Lynch v. Rebecca Lynch Hamrick, ___So.2d___, 2007 WL 1098574 (Alabama Sup. Ct. 2007)

Presence of daughter invalidates the privilege

Privilege set aside for client's case against attorney for misconduct.

Taylor v. State, No. CR-02-0706 (AL 8/27/2004) (AL, 2004)

Walker v. State, 2001 WL 729190 (Ala.Crim.App., 2001)


Alabama State Bar has an ethics opinion that prohibits the use of Groupon (and other Deal of the Day websites) for lawyers.


You can check it out on the State Bar website

Online IOLTA certification available


Look for "Client Security Fund Mandatory Assessment"

Rule 1.5

Also go to and ask the Searchbox "contingency fee" for some interesting articles.

Johnnie Cochran was a famous lawyer, perhaps most famous for his defense of O.J. Simpson (football great)

Reporting Misconduct Relations with Clients Drug/Alcohol Dependence Pro Bono Dispute Resolution

Rule 8.3

Someone asked the State Bar if it is ethical to ask the criminal client to waive "ineffective assistance of counsel" claims. Check it out in the Opinions section of the State Bar's website.

2011-02 There is an Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution. It is the administrative arm of the Alabama Supreme Court and is overseen by the Commission on Dispute Resolution. Worth taking a look at.